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Springtime in Texas: A Husband and Wife Team Put Community, Family First

Founded by husband and wife team Ahmed and Yasmine Monib, Springtime Pediatrics in the rapidly growing community of Katy, Texas, focuses on delivering high quality patient care for a diverse range of patients.

In the growing community of Katy, Texas, pediatrician Yasmine Monib, M.D., and her husband, Ahmed, are building a practice focused on meaningful connections with patients and an expansive view of what is possible for a family-run business. Patients find in Dr. Monib a compassionate doctor who takes the time to answer all of their questions. And in Ahmed Monib, the practice’s office manager, they find someone willing to try out what may seem like unorthodox ideas to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Both Ahmed Monib and Dr. Monib are second generation Americans, with their parents hailing from Egypt. They also both come from families of engineers – all four of their parents work in the field. They met through their fathers, who became friends working for the same company. After years of knowing each other and “never really talking about their kids,” laughs Ahmed Monib, the fathers thought to bring their son and daughter together to meet. The Monibs married while Yasmine was in her last year of medical school. Ahmed Monib had just finished his graduate degree in engineering. Dr. Monib, who grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, followed the family tradition and majored in chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, but always had her sights set on medicine. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine in 2001, and completed her residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas three years later.

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Spotlight on Chad Hermann, KPP Communications Director

Sitting down to chat with Chad Hermann he tells us, “Next month I’ll be 10 years clean as a ‘recovering academic’.”  He’s referring to the 10 years he spent teaching Business Communications at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. While there, Chad taught professional writing, public speaking, and crisis management.

Although he loved teaching, years spent in academia brought him to the point where he was ready to pursue other interests. He started consulting, working for various startups and political campaigns, and also began blogging. Dr. Wolynn came across some of Chad’s writing on a topic of shared interest – vaccines and the controversy that often surrounds them. With Dr. Wolynn being a national thought leader in pediatrics and Chad being a Communications consultant, it seemed like a great match to take Kids Plus Pediatrics to the next level.

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A Child-Centered Defense of Medicaid

Why fight for Medicaid? Pediatrician Christoph Diasio, M.D. makes a compelling case. He offers his perspective on Medicaid’s foundational role in our health care system, and proposes a vision for the future.

Medicaid plays a foundational role in the American health care system. For an informed perspective on Medicaid’s significance, look no further than Dr. Christoph Diasio. “Medicaid is this unbelievably deep and wide part of American society that people don’t appreciate,” says Dr. Diasio. “It supports much more than we realize.”

Dr. Diasio is a managing partner at Sandhills Pediatrics in North Carolina. A quick scan of his resume confirms his deep understanding of the relationship between Medicaid and providing quality care for children: Diasio sits on the board of the North Carolina Pediatric Society, the North Carolina state chapter of the AAP, and is a Co-Chair of the North Carolina Pediatric Council, a position that involves streamlining interactions between pediatricians and private insurance payers. Nationally, he is the Chair of the AAP’s Section on Practice Management (SOAPM), and participated as a member of the AAP’s Vision 2020 Task Force. Dr Diasio notes in this interview that he is not speaking on behalf of the AAP, NCPeds or any other organization.