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A Tale of Two Pediatric Practices

Sandhills Pediatrics and Palmetto Pediatrics, two of the largest independent pediatric practices in the Midlands region of South Carolina, have joined forces to create South Carolina Pediatric Alliance. Their goal is to deliver high quality care while gaining efficiencies of scale, reducing costs, and maintaining the independence of their practices.

Kevin Wessinger, MD, and Debbie Greenhouse, MD, have been called the yin and yang of pediatricians. Dr. Wessinger, president of Sandhills Pediatrics, has business acumen and a strong interest in the financial side of pediatrics. Dr. Greenhouse, one of the owners of Palmetto Pediatrics, has one foot in the world of state policy and advocacy, and has built a practice around serving children with special needs. In the not too distant past, they were considered competitors in the marketplace of pediatricians in the Midlands region of South Carolina.

Now, thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking and a willingness to take a risk to ensure their independent practices continue to thrive, they are collaborators and co-founders of a pediatric alliance they see as a model organization for all pediatricians in South Carolina.

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Spotlight on Chad Hermann, KPP Communications Director

Sitting down to chat with Chad Hermann he tells us, “Next month I’ll be 10 years clean as a ‘recovering academic’.”  He’s referring to the 10 years he spent teaching Business Communications at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. While there, Chad taught professional writing, public speaking, and crisis management.

Although he loved teaching, years spent in academia brought him to the point where he was ready to pursue other interests. He started consulting, working for various startups and political campaigns, and also began blogging. Dr. Wolynn came across some of Chad’s writing on a topic of shared interest – vaccines and the controversy that often surrounds them. With Dr. Wolynn being a national thought leader in pediatrics and Chad being a Communications consultant, it seemed like a great match to take Kids Plus Pediatrics to the next level.

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Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

How to be a deliberate creator and achieve work-life balance.

What is balance? It is all relative, since you can only find balance when you know where your own center is.

Doctors, like those in many other professions, spend many years honing our craft. We log countless hours in training and then in “real life” practice we don’t just stop when the day is over—there are patients to follow up on, calls to take, human lives to care about and keep healthy. I have yet to meet a physician who hasn’t gone above and beyond on countless occasions for his or her patients.