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From the Exam Room to the Classroom

All students with disabilities in the United States are legally guaranteed individualized special education services, so that they have the opportunity to learn and succeed, yet many schools fail to properly help these struggling children. Dr. Adrienne Classen of North Carolina steps up to fight for these students’ rights.

Imagine a six-year-old boy heading into his pediatrician’s office for a basic well visit. The appointment will likely follow a familiar pattern: the patient is weighed and measured, his vitals are checked, vision and hearing tests are performed. Medical staff answer any questions his parents have and help them schedule the next appointment at the check out window. Then, the doctor follows the boy’s parents down to his school, where they meet with teachers, school administrators, and civil rights lawyers to discuss the boy’s deteriorating academic performance and come up with a plan to help him access the quality education that he is legally entitled to under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act- or IDEA, for short.

That last part might sound a little strange to most physicians, but for Dr. Adrienne Classen, M.D., of Kids Count Pediatrics in North Carolina, that’s just a typical day at the office.

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