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Caring for Kids & Families: Pediatric Associates in Western Colorado

For many families in Colorado’s Delta and Montrose counties, Pediatric Associates is the first and primary point of care for their children. With a focus on innovation and quality improvement, the group has for 30 years adapted to the changing needs of the diverse communities it serves in the Western Slope region.

In the Western Slope region of Colorado, geography looms large in the lives of its residents. Jagged mountain peaks separate its towns from the urban centers of Denver and Boulder on the east side of the Continental Divide. The high desert makes for dry, hot summers, and in the winter, snowstorms can make mountain passes treacherous or impassable.

With the closest major medical centers and children’s hospital located over the mountains in Denver, and other pediatric groups located 60 plus miles away, Pediatric Associates serves as the first and primary point of care for its patients.

“We are the only pediatrician group in the area,” says Amber Hickert, practice manager for Pediatric Associates.

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