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Close Communities from Far Away: How Keānuenue Pediatrics Fights for the Underdog

In October of 2020, Dr. Jasmine Waipa founded Keānuenue Pediatrics in Honolulu, Hawai`i, with a goal to create a small practice atmosphere with a tech-forward approach. As a Native Hawaiian pediatrician, she is passionate about addressing health disparities.

A Female-Driven Future: Six Essential Tips for Success

The evidence is undeniable– female physicians will continue to outnumber their male counterparts in the coming years. Dr. Katrina Skinner, founder of Women in Pediatrics, joins a panel of female practice owners to discuss how the face of healthcare and pediatrics is changing and to share advice they wish they had received when starting out on their own. After an examination of some of the physician training and employment trends, and a discussion of a few of the challenges faced by female pediatricians, the panelists share six essential tips for success in private practice that can be applied to all physicians.

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Investing in Community to Nourish Within: A Conversation with PMI Founder Paul Vanchiere

The foundation of independent pediatricians is built on fundamental connections between providers and their communities, patients, families, and staff. This interview with Paul Vanchiere, founder of the Pediatric Management Institute, explores the importance of strong bonds for the well-being of the provider and the success of the practice.

Industry Trends

Making Decisions Together: A Web-Based Approach to Screening and Early Intervention

In the early 2000s, Dr. Barbara Howard and her husband, Dr. Raymond Sturner, set out to harness the power of the internet to help pediatricians assess patients for mental health issues. Twenty years later, they’ve revolutionized how early screening and intervention unfolds in pediatric offices across the country by making available online more than 600 screening and diagnostic tools.

The approach centers on an evidence-based, standardized approach to screening. A web-based platform they developed called CHADIS, or the Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System, gives pediatricians access to screening, diagnostic, and data collection tools for a range of health issues, from autism and ADHD to depression and asthma.

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