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An Advocate and Innovator: Dr. Gail Schonfeld

After 38 years in practice in East Hampton, N.Y., Dr. Gail Schonfeld has built deep and lasting relationships with families in her community. Her work as an advocate and innovator serves her patients and helps pediatricians across the country adapt to a changing healthcare landscape.

Getting Resourceful, Staying Close: Small Town Healthcare for a Growing Community

Washington’s Skagit County is shaped like a watering can. Straddled by Vancouver, B.C. to the north and Seattle to the south, it’s known for its fertile Skagit river valley, ideal for growing strawberries and tulips, the latter of which has a dedicated festival every spring. But at Skagit Pediatrics in Mount Vernon, the county seat, the providers and staff have a different crop in mind. Serving a diverse rural population with varying needs, Skagit Pediatrics’ success since its inception in 1981 has been its drive to innovate in order to offer kids and families the resources they need to grow up happy and healthy.

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Cracks in the System: Child Food Insecurity and COVID-19

Proper nutrition and food security are essential to the healthy development of a child—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Dr. Steven Abrams, Chair of the AAP Committee on Nutrition, discusses how pediatricians can improve their screening for and treatment of food insecurity. He also explains the relationship between COVID-19 and food insecurity, and explores how the U.S. can better support its most vulnerable populations. 

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Helping Adolescents Navigate the Path to Adulthood

As hormones flare and the brain continues to develop, adolescents face unique health challenges. Not only are they experiencing the biological changes associated with puberty, they’re often navigating new social pressures and trying to understand where they fit in. A long-term relationship with a pediatrician can be key to emerging on the other side of this maelstrom healthy and strong.

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