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Camaraderie and Trust: Building and Maintaining a Large Pediatric Practice

Leaders from Memphis Children’s Clinic and Pediatric Associates of Mt. Carmel talk about the challenges and rewards of running a large pediatric practice. From fine tuning management models to trying out new social media strategies, they share more about their practices’ goals for the future, as well as how they’re adapting and changing to better serve patients and families in their communities.

Close Communities from Far Away: Partners4Kids in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Five years after a series of hurricanes devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dr. Cecilia Penn is optimistic about the future of her practice, Partners4Kids. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt another blow to the community, she’s staying focused on the bigger picture, always coming back to the needs of the families she serves.

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Weathering the Staffing Shortage Storm with Dr. Hiral Lavania

Even before the pandemic, the U.S. was in the throes of a healthcare staffing crisis. The demoralizing effects of the last two years, including long hours filling in staffing gaps and treating COVID patients led to record rates of burnout and subsequent resignation of droves of healthcare workers. This crisis has now escalated to a true emergency, especially for independent practitioners who may be losing staff to hospitals and large healthcare systems offering large pay raises and other perks that may not be options for smaller practices. Dr. Hiral Lavania discusses the impact of the staffing shortage during this time and what she expects for the future of her practice.

Industry Trends

Making Decisions Together: A Web-Based Approach to Screening and Early Intervention

In the early 2000s, Dr. Barbara Howard and her husband, Dr. Raymond Sturner, set out to harness the power of the internet to help pediatricians assess patients for mental health issues. Twenty years later, they’ve revolutionized how early screening and intervention unfolds in pediatric offices across the country by making available online more than 600 screening and diagnostic tools.

The approach centers on an evidence-based, standardized approach to screening. A web-based platform they developed called CHADIS, or the Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System, gives pediatricians access to screening, diagnostic, and data collection tools for a range of health issues, from autism and ADHD to depression and asthma.

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