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Building Community Ties in the Spindle City: Pediatric Associates of Fall River

At Pediatric Associates of Fall River, the practice’s eight pediatricians, one nurse practitioner and roughly 50 staff members – many of whom are locals – are united in a common goal to bring high quality health care to this underserved city in southern Massachusetts.

“Come Learn With Me:” Teaching the Next Generation of Pediatricians

Dr. Chris Peltier wants to help community pediatricians fall in love with teaching. He’s learned through more than two decades of experience how rewarding it is to help medical students and residents learn the art and science of pediatrics. He also knows it is possible to effectively teach while still meeting business objectives and offering top notch patient care.

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Cracks in the System: Child Food Insecurity and COVID-19

Proper nutrition and food security are essential to the healthy development of a child—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Dr. Steven Abrams, Chair of the AAP Committee on Nutrition, discusses how pediatricians can improve their screening for and treatment of food insecurity. He also explains the relationship between COVID-19 and food insecurity, and explores how the U.S. can better support its most vulnerable populations. 

Industry Trends

Making Decisions Together: A Web-Based Approach to Screening and Early Intervention

In the early 2000s, Dr. Barbara Howard and her husband, Dr. Raymond Sturner, set out to harness the power of the internet to help pediatricians assess patients for mental health issues. Twenty years later, they’ve revolutionized how early screening and intervention unfolds in pediatric offices across the country by making available online more than 600 screening and diagnostic tools.

The approach centers on an evidence-based, standardized approach to screening. A web-based platform they developed called CHADIS, or the Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System, gives pediatricians access to screening, diagnostic, and data collection tools for a range of health issues, from autism and ADHD to depression and asthma.

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