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Getting Resourceful, Staying Close: Small Town Healthcare for a Growing Community

Washington’s Skagit County is shaped like a watering can. Straddled by Vancouver, B.C. to the north and Seattle to the south, it’s known for its fertile Skagit river valley, ideal for growing strawberries and tulips, the latter of which has a dedicated festival every spring. But at Skagit Pediatrics in Mount Vernon, the county seat, the providers and staff have a different crop in mind. Serving a diverse rural population with varying needs, Skagit Pediatrics’ success since its inception in 1981 has been its drive to innovate in order to offer kids and families the resources they need to grow up happy and healthy.

Keeping the Doors Open: 100 Years of Independent Practice

How does a hundred-year-old practice maintain its mission, vision, and quality over time? El Paso Pediatrics offers a look into the structures, values, and patient-centered approaches that allow for continued success. Dr. Joseph Segapeli discusses the joys and challenges of working in this long-standing independent practice.

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Finding the Middle Way with Kids and Digital Media

The impacts of digital media use on children, both positive and negative, are increasingly visible as Generation Z comes of age. Families may battle a child’s obsession with television, social media, and video games; at the same time, tools for early learning and progressive education abound online. What are the risks and benefits of media use? How do different types of media affect childhood brain development, and what can physicians do to help kids build healthy relationships with their screens?

A parent and his toddler explore a digital tablet

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Helping Adolescents Navigate the Path to Adulthood

As hormones flare and the brain continues to develop, adolescents face unique health challenges. Not only are they experiencing the biological changes associated with puberty, they’re often navigating new social pressures and trying to understand where they fit in. A long-term relationship with a pediatrician can be key to emerging on the other side of this maelstrom healthy and strong.

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