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Eating Disorders and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of children in the United States presenting with an eating disorder skyrocketed. We talk to a range of eating disorder experts across the country about what they’ve seen over the past three years and how pediatricians are critical partners in both treating patients and advocating for improvements to the system.

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Keeping Your Options Open: Is Nursing At An Independent Pediatric Practice Right for You?

America is experiencing a severe nursing shortage. Due to high demand, those who are able to meet the challenge of obtaining a nursing degree have many employment paths to choose from. Those looking to make the right career path choice might consider what setting is best for working parents, or the benefits of independent practices from an operational or clinical standpoint. Here are the stories of three nurses who share why choosing to work for an independent pediatric practice was right for them.

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Gender-Affirming Care is Whole-Person Care: Integrating Behavioral Health and Independent Pediatrics

Transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) youth are increasingly reaching out to pediatric providers for support—be it medical care, education, or referrals to specialist. Yet some providers feel less than prepared to meet the needs of TGD youth and their families. Licensed therapist Theresa Hall speaks to the unique experience of TGD youth in the healthcare system, and how pediatricians can best support them.

Pediatricians and Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Path to a Medical Home

An expert in the field of early brain and child development, Dr. Colleen Kraft has in many ways helped to steer the conversation about how to best care for children who experience developmental differences like autism spectrum disorder. She is focused on an important message: Primary care pediatricians can and should be a driving force on the team caring for a child with ASD. They are key to getting kids into services as early as possible, which helps to improve outcomes.

Staying Strong in the Face of Unfair Policy: How to Fight and Win with Dr. Kathy Cain

When Dr. Kathy Cain saw an unfair insurance policy was reducing payment for her services in her home state of Kansas, she did not take it lying down. Instead, with the help of her physician networks, Cain was able to change the policy over years after a long search for her voice to be heard. This article provides a quick primer on medical coding and its potential manipulation, as well as a brief background of one of the major market leaders in the healthcare insurance industry and how one woman took them on—and won.

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Camaraderie and Trust: Building and Maintaining a Large Pediatric Practice

Leaders from Memphis Children’s Clinic and Pediatric Associates of Mt. Carmel talk about the challenges and rewards of running a large pediatric practice. From fine tuning management models to trying out new social media strategies, they share more about their practices’ goals for the future, as well as how they’re adapting and changing to better serve patients and families in their communities.

Weathering the Staffing Shortage Storm with Dr. Hiral Lavania

Even before the pandemic, the U.S. was in the throes of a healthcare staffing crisis. The events of the last two years have escalated this crisis to a true emergency, especially for independent practitioners. Dr. Hiral Lavania discusses the impact of the staffing shortage during this time and what she expects for the future of her practice.

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Close Communities from Far Away: Partners4Kids in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Five years after a series of hurricanes devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dr. Cecilia Penn is optimistic about the future of her practice, Partners4Kids. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt another blow to the community, she’s staying focused on the bigger picture, always coming back to the needs of the families she serves.

Dr. Seth Kaplan: A Warrior for Children’s Mental Healthcare in Texas and Beyond

In the face of a declared national mental health emergency for children, Dr. Seth Kaplan outlines what independent pediatricians can do to support the fight for better mental health care. Kaplan outlines some of the unique challenges to this mission in the state of Texas while highlighting solutions the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) has implemented in the last 18 months to address those challenges. Finally, Kaplan provides actionable steps pediatricians can take right now to better treat the whole child and support better mental health for all children.