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Aging Out of Pediatric Care is All Relative at Pediatric Wellness Group

Northern California pediatricians Drs. Niki Saxena and Eileen Chan discuss the rewards and challenges of expanding their pediatric practice to include services for adolescents and young adults.
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Need for Adolescent Specialists Grows as Pediatric Subspecialty Evolves

It was during his pediatric internship that adolescent health specialist Dr. Gilberto Velez-Domenech realized he had the passion, talent, and the patience it takes to tackle the diverse health needs of adolescents.
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Treating Adolescents Using Compassion, Curiosity & Clinical Care

Oklahoma pediatrician Dr. James Hendricks explains how his participation in clinical research projects gave him a leg up on conducting the anticipatory guidance that is so critical to ensuring the physical, emotional and mental well-being of adolescents.
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Beyond the Nuts and Bolts: One Doctor’s Vision for the Perfect Pediatric Electronic Health Record

Dr. William Zurhellen is a New York City metropolitan-area pediatrician who parlayed a personal interest in early computer technology during the 1970s into a viable electronic health record system used by more than a dozen pediatric practices around the country.
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A Balancing Act

Dr. Mary Kiepert is an independent pediatrician in Las Vegas, Nevada, who has successfully negotiated the delicate balance between work and family life.
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Taming the Lion

Judy Rapoza, a practice administrator in Fall River, Massachusetts, and Jayme Spangler, a biller from Hershey, Pennsylvania, represent staff at independent pediatric practices everywhere who keep their offices up-to-date and compliant with the demands of a fickle health care industry.
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Leap of Faith

Dr. Susan Sirota is a Chicago-area pediatrician who, along with 39 other independent-minded practitioners from seven practices, met the spectre of hospital consolidation head-on by forming their own “group without walls.”
BCD Health Partners
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Working Together to Remain Independent

Dr. Jill Stoller and Dr. Krekamey Craig are New Jersey pediatricians from neighboring counties who, believing there is strength in numbers, helped form a merger that puts theirs and three other practices in a position to thrive.
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The Rewards of Solo Practice

Dr. Bryan Sibley is an independent practitioner in Louisiana whose early experience as a hospital-employed physician taught him that nobody will ever care about his business as much as he does.
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The Doctor Is Always In

In 2009, Dr. Gayle Smith, of Richmond, Va., did the research and found there was a desire among families for the type of highly personalized well care that concierge practices do best. Four years later, Dr. Smith’s fee-based concierge practice is flourishing.