I am so excited to have come across this publication! I made the decision after nearly 10 years of working for or with someone else to go solely on my own and I really couldn’t be happier. I am a huge advocate for creating your own future and mastering the whole “work-life” balance concept. It is always a little scary going out into the unknown, but I just kept a positive attitude, I knew my value and what I could offer if I created the platform for myself from which to build a great practice, and I did my research.

Now after one full year as a private practitioner I have built my team, and we are successfully caring for our patients while enjoying time to be with our families and pursue our personal goals. I am still learning every day and I am eager to keep refining myself. It is so wonderful to read about other pediatricians who are doing the same for themselves! I can’t wait to read all the issues!

Thank you,