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Dr. Seth Kaplan: A Warrior for Children’s Mental Healthcare in Texas and Beyond

In the face of a declared national mental health emergency for children, Dr. Seth Kaplan outlines what independent pediatricians can do to support the fight for better mental health care. Kaplan outlines some of the unique challenges to this mission in the state of Texas while highlighting solutions the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) has implemented in the last 18 months to address those challenges. Finally, Kaplan provides actionable steps pediatricians can take right now to better treat the whole child and support better mental health for all children.


Cracks in the System: Child Food Insecurity and COVID-19

Proper nutrition and food security are essential to the healthy development of a child—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Dr. Steven Abrams, Chair of the AAP Committee on Nutrition, discusses the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic on how the U.S. is failing food insecure families, and how we can do better.


Keeping the Doors Open: 100 Years of Independent Practice

How does a hundred-year-old practice maintain its mission, vision, and quality over time? El Paso Pediatrics offers a look into the structures, values, and patient-centered approaches that allow for continued success. Dr. Joseph Segapeli discusses the joys and challenges of working in this long-standing independent practice.