Clinical Excellence

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Need for Adolescent Specialists Grows as Pediatric Subspecialty Evolves

It was during his pediatric internship that adolescent health specialist Dr. Gilberto Velez-Domenech realized he had the passion, talent, and the patience it takes to tackle the diverse health needs of adolescents.
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Treating Adolescents Using Compassion, Curiosity & Clinical Care

Oklahoma pediatrician Dr. James Hendricks explains how his participation in clinical research projects gave him a leg up on conducting the anticipatory guidance that is so critical to ensuring the physical, emotional and mental well-being of adolescents.
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Beyond the Nuts and Bolts: One Doctor’s Vision for the Perfect Pediatric Electronic Health Record

Dr. William Zurhellen is a New York City metropolitan-area pediatrician who parlayed a personal interest in early computer technology during the 1970s into a viable electronic health record system used by more than a dozen pediatric practices around the country.
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Leap of Faith

Dr. Susan Sirota is a Chicago-area pediatrician who, along with 39 other independent-minded practitioners from seven practices, met the spectre of hospital consolidation head-on by forming their own “group without walls.”
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Working Together to Remain Independent

Dr. Jill Stoller and Dr. Krekamey Craig are New Jersey pediatricians from neighboring counties who, believing there is strength in numbers, helped form a merger that puts theirs and three other practices in a position to thrive.