Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

In an effort to find balance, Dr. Jill Garripoli opened her own practice in Nutley, NJ. As a result, she's found happiness, satisfaction, and time to pursue her personal goals. She shares her wisdom for pediatricians - and everyone - here.

Dr. John Ivan Sutter: Pediatrician, Activist, and Champion of Physician’s Rights

Dr. Sutter fought a decades-long legal battle against one of the big insurers that went all the way to the Supreme Court and resulted in a landmark decision. Why did no one seem to care?
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Working Together to Remain Independent

Dr. Jill Stoller and Dr. Krekamey Craig are New Jersey pediatricians from neighboring counties who, believing there is strength in numbers, helped form a merger that puts theirs and three other practices in a position to thrive.