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Dr. Patricia Edwards: My Story

Dr. Patricia Edwards was fresh out of residency when she joined a two-doctor practice in Concord, NH that embodied the spirit of small town, personalized medicine. Twenty-eight years later, Dr. Edwards continues to watch her practice grow and thrive in keeping with the values of independent medicine.

The Pediatrician In Control

Chip Hart explains why independence remains vital, especially as the healthcare industry shifts toward hospital-based care, and shares the feedback he received about our inaugural issue of The Independent Pediatrician.

Pediatric Gardens

Budd Shenkin, a San Francisco Bay Area pediatrician who built his solo practice into what is now the region’s largest primary care independent group, suggests that pediatricians, like gardeners, use the inherent landscape and their creativity to grow their practices in a variety of ways.

You Define Affordable Care

Pediatric Practice Consultant Chip Hart questions whether the hype surrounding the so-called demise of the small practice is causing pediatricians to undersell their value to everyone, including themselves.